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Catching up… again

August 12, 2008

so, the cubs series did not go so well. all that tells us now is that the cards are basically out of the running for a division title and its about 95% set in stone.

a least now they can focus on the wild card in which they are only three games behind milwaukee. also, the 2nd worst thing that could happen did…carp got injured again (the 1st thing of course is pujols being dled for the rest of the season, knock on wood…let’s hope I don’t jinx him). now, his status will not be known until wednesday or thursday. it’s been said that he will miss at least one start (probably) and maybe more depending on the severity of the strain.

if carp is done for the year, then so are the cards unless they pull off some big trade or get really fired up and go on a big winning streak (I don’t really see either one of those things happening).

let’s get to some good news; ankiel is back in the lineup which I guess is a good thing. it really depends on how healthy he really is. remember, they told us that he was supposed to be ready by the start of the dodgers series, and then pushed it back to he cubs series and finally now he starts like a week later. why go through all this nonsense…just disable the guy if he cannot play. his pinch hit at bats are not gonna help the team tha much.

so far in the game, rick is 0 for 1 with a walk (as I’m typing his, its the end of the 3rd inning).

more good news that relates to the cardinals but indirectly. anthony reyes made is major league debut…for the indians. reyes had a pretty solid start, pitching into the 7th inning (6.1 innings to be exact), walking one, giving up one earned run and striking out 4. he collected the victory as the indians beat the bluejays, 5 to 2. let’s hope he can keep this up, I wish him the best of luck in cleveland. this might be too early to say but I think a change of scenery is all he needed.

well, that’s it for today. go cards and let’s take at least 3 out of 4 from the marlins!

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  1. August 13, 2008 7:57 am

    If the Cards can stay in the hunt, they have loads of experience playing in adversity, and therefore, have just as much chance as anyone.

    Again, IF, they can hang.

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