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Off day rumblings

August 18, 2008

sorry for the hiatus…been real busy with grad school, research, etc. school officially starts next week so I’m not gonna get less busy, but the opposite. plus, I’m gonna have to help teach some labs so….you get the idea.

So, I’ll promise you this much: I will try my hardest to post at least twice a week and more if I have the time. most weeks though from now on I’ll try to get at least 3 posts up a week and a minimum of 2 posts a week unless something urgent comes up.

don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way of blogging…I just hate when that happens!

onwards and upwards! right? right!

the cards had a nice little road trip didn’t they? it got off to a bad start because they dropped two of three to the cubs. then, it got much better when they went to florida and took three out of four from the fish. a griffey and dunn-less cincy team did not seem like they were too tough; cards take two out of three from them.

so, cards come home after a 6 and 5 trip. now, they are home for 7 games; two against pittsburgh, two against milwaukee and three versus atlanta.

a bit off topic here; if I can make one conclusion about slick rick as a hitter is that he cannot hit in pressure situations with men in scoring position. case and point: sunday’s game against the reds. he had two real good chances to get the cards closer or even tie the game but he struck out once with the bases loaded and then struck out again in the 6th inning with two men on.

off to another topic, mr. wainwright. what in the world is tony and/or dunc thinking? off course adam is more valuable as a starter because he has the possibility of giving you a lot more quality innings than he would once every two days as a closer.

besides, perez has been doing pretty damn good as the closer, but tlr doesnt want to annoint him as the closer and “mess him up” because he might be handle it because he is a newbie. newsflash tony, perez closed throughout the minor leagues and he was the closer on his college team which was the very famous university of miami baseball team. to me, it does not matter what carpenter’s health status is, you cannot get a chance to save the game if your shitty starter already gave the game away.

so, in conclusion, wainright=starter and perez=closer.

ludwick is a beast! is that news to you? well, it should not be. this man is the real deal and the cardinals have found their new cleanup hitter from now and for the foreseeable future. sign this man to a long term deal please Mo. besides, ludwick has the pleasure of being on my fantasy team and because of him, I’m doing pretty well thanks to mr. ludwick.

now, let’s talk about the upcoming series which is against the pirates.

tuesday night’s game will feature looper who has been really good lately against snell who has not been very good this season.

for wednesday night’s game, wellemeyer will face davis, a righty. davis has only really made two previous starts for the pirates and he was pretty good in both. he has faced both philly and the mets. he gave up no runs in 6 innings pitched against the phillies; also, he went 7 innings and only gave up two runs against the mets. those are two pretty damn good offensive teams, but maybe the cards can figure him out.

let’s the check the standings shall we? the cards are 7.5 games behind the cubs in the central so they are out of that picture. the wild card on the other hand is a different story. the cardinals have clawed their way back to 2 games behind the brew crew. let’s keep clawing boys and maybe the beermen falter and a spot in the playoffs becomes up for grabs because philly an arizona are not that far back considering the types of teams they both have assembled and what they can do if they put if together for a couple of weeks.

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