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Not so sweet home?

August 21, 2008

everyone has heard the saying “home sweet home”, but for the cardinals won’t have that feeling if things don’t go well during this seven game home stand. one thing is certain, the home stand did not go according to plans agains the pirates.

ian snell, who had an era close to 8 on the road, pitched like cy young on tuesday and shut down the cardinals pretty damn good. he had all his stuff working and dominated the lineup.

it was no falt of looper that the cards lost the series opener. the man pitched 7 innings of one run ball. the offense was no where to be found. sure the cards got a run in the 9th, but mcclellan went ahead and gave up 3 more runs to the pirates before the offense got that run. so, cards lost this one, 4 to 1.

yesterday’s game was a lot easier to watch and especially offensively for the cards. they put up 11 runs thanks to schumaker going 3 for 4, ludwick picking up a couple of hits and an rbi (which comes to a total of 94 rbis on the season for big Thud), pujols getting a couple of hits and fu man choo larue getting a pair of hits including a two run shot; Ank the crank also homered. so the cards pounded davis for 8 runs in 3 and 2/3rds innings and won the game 11 to 2.

so, the cards sit at 1 win and 1 loss being their record on this home stand. they have to win 4 games and preferably 5 games on this home stand to stay alive in the wildcard because the nl central crown in my opinion is simply out of their reach at this moment.

the most crucial part of this is the two game series against the brewers early next week. they have to win both games in that two game series to make up any ground on the brew crew. if they split then they make up no ground. if they go 4 and 3 on the home stand and two of the three losses are to the beermen than it would arguably be a pretty bad time at home.

I’m just saying, if they want to catch the brewers or get pretty close to the brewers (they are currently 2.5 games behind them) then the move must be done now. why? because these are the last two head to head games against milwaukee this season.

let’s say the sweep the brewers. the cards become a half game behind them. that’s very much doable as far as trying to pass them over the period of a month. if you stay two and a half games back, it’s gonna be real hard to make up that ground an you’ll be doing a lot of scoreboard watching during that time. also, don’t forget that the phillies are on the cardinals’ heels and only 1 1/2 games back of the cards.

some good news was released yesterday; waino will be back in the rotation as of friday. that is great news and I really like how he emphatically stated that he was ready to rock and that he really wanted to start. he kinda forced tlr and dunc’s hand a little bit and pushed them into putting him back in the rotation. in my opinion, that gives the cards a better chance; that is, waino starting instead of closing.

moving forward to this weekend’s series against the braves. no hudson, smoltz or glavine for the braves. they will send morton, campillo and reyes.

charlie morton is the guy that gave up 8 runs in 3 2/3 innings pitched against the cards in atlanta the last time he faced them. since then, he has been much better. he will be facing the cardinals ace who is returning from the dl, adam wainwright. it will be adam’s first since june 8. that’s gonna take place friday night at 7:15 pm central time.

saturday, it will be jorge campillo against kyle lohse. campillo had been pretty solid and consistant until his last two starts in which he gave up 3+ runs in the 1st inning to both teams. he will be facing a pitcher in lohse who has not been very good himself; in fact, he has been a funk as of late. he has not been the same pitcher he was earlier in teh season. his era has been climbing steadily since late july and he has been getting a little better as of late but still not back to his old self from early in the season.

in the series finale sunday, jo-jo reyes will start for the braves and looper will do so for the cards. I don’t know much about reyes except that he is a lefty, he has been having control problems and been going back and forth between the bigs and the minors.

the man opposing him, looper, has been pretty damn good as of late (as I mentioned earlier). the man has only 9 earned runs in the his last 6 starts, which total up to be 40 innings pitched.

that’s it for today’s post; go cards and let’s go waino!

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