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UCB: The Fantastic 4

August 29, 2008

so, we’re are doing this united cardinal bloggers “projects” or maybe cooperative posts is more of what it really is. what’s on the schedule for today is this: who are the four cardinals that you would invite to dinner?

they don’t have to be players; they can be coaches, staff, broadcasters, etc. you get the idea.

first pick: I gotta go with my favorite cardinal of all time, jimmy edmonds. I would like to chat with him about his many “clutch” or timely homeruns and his “hollywood” style highlight reel catches, some of which came at a really good time. for example, I would want to get his thoughts about the 2004 nlcs against the astros; especially his bomb off of dan micelli in game 6 to win it and his game saving catch in game 7. then, I’d really like to know about his seemingly complex relationship with his former skipper, tlr. last thing, why he chose the cubs as the team to play for after the padres.

second pick: I’ve been on his side of this contreversy and if I could get a chance to talk to him, I’d really want to have an honest discussion with anthony reyes to see what actually went wrong in saint louis. was it the lack of communication, him, tlr, dunc or a combination of elements? just for your information, the last start for the indians that reyes made was on august 24th against the rangers at their park. he pitched pretty damn good; 7 innings, 4 k’s, 4 bb’s and one earned run….that’s a pretty good start by my standards.

third pick: tony la russa. I really want to know what goes on way behind the sunglasses, deep in the cerebral cortex of tlr. why he does the things he does and why he makes the moves he does…I think that would be a very enlightning and productive conversation. also, why he does not like to put rookies in tough situations and if that has anything to do with the ankiel debacle (that is, rick the pitcher and not the hitter).

last by not least: stan musial. I bet he has tons of stories and I’d like to hear all of them. I would have really liked to have seen him play in those days. maybe listening to him tell his tales would be a great way for me to kind of get the feel of the time period that he played in and the atmosphere and baseball in general because I would think that it has changed, or evolved over the years (especially since he retired).

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  1. August 29, 2008 5:31 pm

    Nice picks!

    We both have Stan as a common choice.


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