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Wrapping up the roadtrip

September 3, 2008

after that encouraging win against milwaukee, one would have thought that maybe a spark was ignited at that moment and maybe that would carry them to a long win streak or .750 ball the rest of the season.

I guess that was not meant to happen. the cards, as they have all season, were just teasing us. the did not allow the brewers to put the nail on the coffin; they let the hope continue and cardinal nation to still believe for a while longer.

going into houston, they basically had to pretty much sweep to stay alive or at least win the series. that did not happen; in fact, they got swept by the surging astros.

then, the dbacks did not give the cards a break.they took two out of three from the cards. so, the cards come home from their roadtrip having a 1-5 record.

so, it’s basically finally over. if you don’t think it is, you are either way too optimistic, a homer, smoking something, drinking something or a combination of the above.

regardless of who will make the playoffs, this was a very productive season nonetheless. no one expected them to be this good or do so much in a season that was supposed to be lost from the beginning.

some good news this week: josh kinney is back! so is carp! chris is coming back in the bullpen though. he should have been put in the pen the first time he came off of the dl (that’s just my opinion). a bunch of minor leaguers, including randy flores and jason motte and jimenez, were called up for september.

motte had a real nice debut today striking out two in 1.1 innings and not allowing a run. perez blew his third save of the season though. that’s alright to me; the man has got to take his lumps sometime and what better time than a meaningless september. tlr and dunc should give the kids as much playing time as possible this month to see wha they got for next season.

some bad news also to report. joe mather will have his season cut short because of a wrist injury. too bad; I thought he was just getting the hang of it and he has some tremendous raw power. he plays really good defense which is a huge advantage to have over someone like, say, c-dunc.

well, that’s it for today. hopefully I’ll have some free time tomorrow to post something up about the upcoming series or two (the marlins and the cubbies at busch; each for three games).

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