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UCB Project: The Spectacular Seven

September 8, 2008

so, C70 emailed the squad and told us about doing a post relating to the cardinals’ farm system. I usually (or never) post anything about the farm because I don’t know all that much. all the info that I do know though comes from one of my favorite blogs, Future Redbirds.

so, he asked me for my top seven cardinals prospects and here they are:

  1. Colby Rasmus. he is the man of the hour; probably the most touted prospect in the cardinals system for a while now. colby is a 5 tool centerfielder that can basically do everything and then some. I thought he might get called up this month that it turned out to be a no go. he did not start off too well, and then a couple of months ago he got injured which took him out of the olympics. hopefully, next season he will be the cardinals’ starting centerfielder. then, what are you going to do with duncan, schumaker and ankiel. I think ankiel should be the everyday rightfielder…he sure has the arm for it and has proved this season tht he has a big league bat. besides, the sooner you get Raz to the bigs, the sooner he will figure it out and play up to the level that he is capable of playing at.
  2. Brett Wallace. the man can flat out hit no doubt about it. he was the cardinals 1st round pick in this year’s draft. he was worth that pick and he seems to be a very fast riser up the ranks. with his physical build, many people have questioned his ability to stick at third base and being able to handle that position at the big league level. if you have not seen a picture of the guy, he has really really really big thighs…but he can hit the heck out of the ball. so, maybe he will be a trading chip or the heir apparent to Glaus. who knows? he will have to prove some people wrong to play the hot corner in the bigs.
  3. Jesse Todd. he has basically this years PJ Walters or Travis Hanson (player of the year in the cardinals system a couple of years ago; by the way, whatever happened to him?). the guy has really pitched well all season this year and put himself on the map. he was drafted in 2006 in the 2nd round. is this just an abberation and not his true self? we all will find that out at the end of next season.
  4. Daryl Jones. ahh, the really “raw” kid that takes time to develp. from what I picked up at FR, this guy has all the talent and “raw” ability in the world, but needs playing time, repetition and really needs to put all the compoenents that he possesses together to become the player the cardinals envision him being.
  5. Jason Motte. the converted catcher….I’m sure many of us have read his story by now. he was a catcher a couple of years ago but now he is a lock down reliever. he is said to only really have one pitch, but it is really really good…that pitch is the fastball. he throws i extremely hard at a rate of about 98 or 99 mph. now that’s what I’m talking about! finally, a flame thrower. I’ve read that he is/was working on a slider but I’m not too sure how that worked out. all he needs is an average second pitch to keep hitter honest and he will be a very effective big league reliever. just thinking about motte in the 8th and perez in the ninth makes me salivate (at the thought of having two flamethrowers closing out games for the cards in the near future).
  6. Bryan Anderson. the young catcher that hits lefthanded and has the potential to hit .300 in the big leagues. those catchers don’t grow on trees. so, he is a really valuable player if not for the cardinals then he will be to someone else if traded. yadier seems to have figured out this hitting thing, but it is nice to have a back up option. bryan still needs a couple of more years in the minors to work on his defense so the situation can wait.
  7. Jaime Garcia. young, lefthanded and starts….he has also had some pretty good stats over the last couple of years. when was the last time the cardinals farm system cranked out a decent lefty starter…ankiel? oh, let’s not talk about that. he would be a change of pace guy in the rotation because everyone else is righthanded. he seems to have the potential to be a #3 starter and it would really be nice if he can fill that role behind carpenter and wainwright.

I don’t include mather or perez on this list because they have been in the big leagues for a while now I personally don’t consider them as baby birds anymore.


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