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Lucky number 7

September 17, 2008

the cards are now in september they are playing with an empty tank and are just piling up the losses. the injury bug has really hit them hard its taken a big toll on the lineup and the rotation. does this september feel like the last two septembers to you?

yes, last september the cards pretty much lost it and they, as we all know, missed the playoffs. the year before that, they darn near gave up the division lead after losing seven straight games. 2006 was such a bad year for the nl central that even that kind of losing streak did not get the cards out of first place. yeah, it was that bad. now, this division is that good.

obviously, the cubs and brewers have the horses and have made the moves and the cards do not and have not made any moves. all for the sake of getting this youth movement together and building the farm system which I think are worth while causes. especially restocking the farm; by the july 31st deadline next season, if the cards are competing in this division, Mo would have the bullets to make a big trade and that still would leave the farm system in good shape. so, it might seem like Mo and the cards are just sitting on their hands, but it needed to happen. as I stated yesterday, no one expected much from the cards this season. I don’t think anyone would have wanted to see more than the cards actually having a chance to make the playoffs on september 1st (that is, relative to the expectations that were placed on this team).

last night was not a good game though. looper pitched a decent game, going 7 innings and allowing 4 runs. the offense could only muster two runs though, both coming off of solo shots from miles (his 4th) and glaus (his 24th), and that was that. they lost their sixth straight, 7 to 2.

tonight, is the tedalyon versus harangatang….good luck boys, and please don’t let the streak go to 7.

oh, one last thing…the cardinals have revealed their 2009 regular season schedule. their first game of the season is the home opener on april 6th against the pirates; that game is part of a seven game homestand to start off the season. the part that the mainstream media is most interested in is the all star game on july 14. the ownership better start putting something in that “lake dewitt” (also known as that hole in the ground that occasionally fills up with rain water) before the cameras get here.

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