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I’m Back!

October 6, 2008

hey! so, I’ve been away for a while…about two weeks to be exact. what are my reasons? well, let’s see…graduate school, the cardinals season being over and more importantly, uninspired.

I’m still alive (crickets chirping)…

what’s going on. carp still is not right; in fact, he might need surgery to get that nerve problem fixed (recovery time is three months I believe).

then, there was that lohse extension. he got a 4 year 41 million dollar extension. I like the signing but I don’t like the length of the deal. look at it this way: the man just had the best season of his career. most likely, he will not perform at this level for a complete season ever again. now, he might be a late bloomer, but I really doubt it.

I think he is a #3 starter. personally, I would not give a 3rd starter more than a two year deal with an option for a third or a three year guaranteed deal. I don’t mind the money because decent starters have become very expensive. decent deal overall; another problem is that this deal is the backloading of the money. he will be making 12 million dollars a year for the final two seasons. if say, he gets injured and has to have major surgery in the beginning of the third year of his deal, then he will miss a whole season and probably won’t be himself the season after that. that much money might handcuff the organization and not allow them to look for a decent replacement. maybe I’m thinking too much into this, but these things just keep popping into my head.

let’s talk playoff baseball. my picks for the nl this season are a bust from the beginning. I had milwaukee and chicago in the nlcs. that’s not going to happen obviously. the cubbies got swept and milwaukee only managed one win against the phillies then was kicked out of the playoffs.

so, the nlcs is set: phillies and dodgers.

to the al; the white sox beat the twins in a final game that determined the winner of the division and of the final playoff spot in the al. now, they are down 2 games to 1 and are playing tonight at home against the young rays who don’t seem to show any fear or do not lack that “veteran” presence. I’ve always thought that veteran fitish that tlr has is way overrated. hopefully, the rays pull it out.

on the other side, the angels are down to the red sox, 2 games to 1. tonight, ti will be game 4: lester vs. lackey. I’d like to see the angels playing the rays in the alcs. I think that would be a better match up.

oh, one last thing. I got 2nd place in out yahoo blogger fantasy baseball league. I finished 4th place in the playoffs but then some of my players got hot in the playoffs and carried me. I almost won it all, but 2nd place is not bad either. well, that’s it for today, hopefully I’ll post another time or two this week.

I’ll definitely enjoy some october baseball even the cardinals are not playing.

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