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Let’s go…

October 9, 2008

let’s get it started already!

are you ready, because I definitely am. the final four teams are set and the national and american league championships are about to start. the nlcs starts tonight and the alcs starts friday night.

the rotations have already been set. for the phillies/dodgers series, the pitching matchup for tonight’s game is a good one…derek lowe against cole hamels. I’m gonna have to tune in and watch most of these games.

the game one pitching matchup for game one of the alcs will be james shields versus Dice-K. I personally am rooting as hard as I can for the rays. why? because I hate the red sox by now and I’m pretty sure the rest of the country is not too fond of the whole boston sports scene all together. besides, it would be a great story if the rays do go from worst to world series champs. that would prove another point that I’ve been trying to make: a ballclub needs a good “veteran presence” on a said team for the team to have any success. I call bullshit on that one.

anyway, I like both teams in the nlcs, but I would like to see the dodgers in teh world series because of those former sox on the team and because of joe torre (just in case the hated sox make it to the world series).

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