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Finally, new stuff to talk about…

October 20, 2008

this time of year, when one’s team is not in the playoffs, it’s really hard to find something to write about. so, I’ve been spotty and posting here and there because of lack of material and lack of inspiration.

hopefully, things pick up now and get revving and take us into what should be an interesting off season and a sizzling hot stove league.

let’s start things off with some “duh” obvious news; the cards won’t bring back muldoo. I think that is pretty obvious. he had an eleven million dollar option for next season, but it would be like throwing 11 million in the garbage. hey, he might be back to normal, but that is a very high risk that the cardinals are willing to take; the reward is very small there ( I agree with them 100%). so, the cards will buy him out for 1.5 million. chump change huh? it would be interesting to see which team will sign him, what type of contract he gets and how much money.

next, the rasmus-peavy rumors. I’ve read this all over the web and this rumor has been swirling for a while now. well, bernie thinks it’s farfetched. he says that the cardinals have only had one conversation with the padres and his sources tell him that the situation is pretty cold; atlanta is the leading getter for peavy’s  services.

good; why do I say that? well, the man can be really good, but he is really expensive. plus, he happens to go on the dl quite often. also, giving up a cost controlled player at a premium position that you have control over for 5 years at the major league level is huge; plus, the man is a potential all-star and only 22 years old. I say, no thanks. I would pull the trigger if they leave rasmus out of it though.

springer says he wants to play another season at least. now, the cards must decide whether to bring him back or not. oh, he would like to come back and join the cards bullpen. I say do it; the man was really good last season. sure, he will regress a little but he is still fairly effective as a right handed specialist while facing an occasional lefty.

so, the rays did it! yes, they beat the dreaded red sox in game seven of the alcs yesterday and now they are off to play the phills in the world series. how exciting; it would be awesome for them to win the whole thing. from worst to first…now that’s a line. they might be young, but they are really talented. that david price will be real good for a real long time. his stuff was just nasty last night. game one of the world series starts wednesday night on fox.

last but not least (this is a bit off topic), the rams crushed the cowboys 34 to 14. yes, they did…the cowboys scored the first td, then the rams scored 34 straight points. near the end of the game, “america’s team” put up another td to make it look like a little less bad. they still got wooooped! I’m reading articles from dallas saying that this was the worst loss in franchise history. man, that hasslet had really got these guys playing hard! congrats boys, you actually have a shot to beat the bradyless patriots next week.

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