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Resuming Play…The Clemente Award…Colby Rasmus

October 29, 2008

so, the WS should be back on this evening. they left it in the sixth inning and the game was tied 2 to 2. the phillies lead this series three games to one.

the phillies will go with ryan madson while grant balfour will go for the rays. let’s see how this thing turns out. should be interesing…it would really would be awesome of the rays came all the way back and won it in seven games.

now, to the clemente award. the great pujols won it this year, and deservedly so. the man has done a lot for the city of saint louis, kc and  the dominican republic through the pujols family foundation, cardinals care and over various charities. as a bonus, the man is probably one of the greatest hitters of all time and we have the privilage to be cardinals fans at a time when this man is in his prime…this is the stuff baseball dreams are made of….now the only thing missing is another world series ring right? maybe next season.

onward and upward; let’s talk Raz. we kind of discussed this extensively during the UCB roundtable that has been going on for the last month or so (check out the last one at C70’s blog). th main question here is: is colby rasmus untouchable?

I think he pretty much is. he is valued highly in this organization; some say too highly but I disagree. He is listed by most minor league scouting agencies to be one of the top five prospects in all if baseball. this kid cannot be traded.

why? first of all, who is gonna play centerfield? ludwick, he is adequate but he’s got no track record and has been injury prone his whole career…until last season. besides, he is not a centerfielder.

maybe schumaker…no. I like skip, but he is basically a 4th outfielder or a platoon player. he cannot hit left handed pitching in the majors. he would be a good trade chip to use while his value is high.

ankiel….not really. the man has a cannon for an arm and power to spare. still, he does not run the best routes, he does not have the “instincts” to play center, and he is also injury prone. the man is also almost thirty (same goes for ludwick), so you cannot count on him for too long.

that leaves us with rasmus as the centerfielder. from all that I’ve read about him, the kid is a five tool player. he plays great defense, steals bases, hits for a pretty good average, has a lot of power potential, drives in runs and does everything else right. people say that he has no major league experience so he is not a sure thing.

my counter argument is that every player started out at that stage; then, they got a chance and they took advantage of it. you gotta give Raz a chance and see how he does. he has been described ( if his skills translate to the bigs…which they should….he just needs to keep developing) as a perennial all star centerfielder. not too shabby…you can’t trade this guy.

of course, you can listen to deals, but that doesn’t mean you’ll pull the trigger. so, let’s lay off of this and  let colby be. hopefully, tlr actually gives him a real chance in spring training to take the starting centerfielder job and he shines in his opportunity. early warning: he better be allowed to face lefty pitching!

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