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November 3, 2008

hey folks, how you guys doing? been a while huh…let’s get this place back on track.

the title of this post is not very appealing because of the economic collapse we have been experiencing and possible recession but I’ll go with it anyways.

today, I want to look at certain cardinal players, their percieved values among cards fans and possible actual values.

let’s start off with ryan ludwick. the man had a huge year; over 100 rbis, 37 homers and a batting average of .299. he was a beast; the second best player on the team after albert.

his value is another story. he had a good season in 2007 as a bench guy hitting for a good average and 13 dingers. last season, however, he got a lot of playing time. almost his whole career, he has been injury prone. in fact, a couple of injuries almost ended his baseball career.

on the open market, I don’t expect him to hav much value. some of you might yell and then break your screens, but I think it’s true. he is not a proven commodity; he has only done it for one season and the man is 29 years old I think (maybe 30?). so, the cards would have to sign him to a three or four year deal, get another 30+ homer year from him and have him stay healthy for another full season for him to become great trade bait.

besides, who do you guys have in mind to protect pujols? at the moment, he is the best cleanup hitter you got, so why would you trade him anyways?

to ankiel; the man has tremendous power and a cannon arm. he is 28, injury prone and has not played a full season as a professional hitter in the bigs yet. sure, he has great potential still, but he is getting relatively old, and his agent is scott boras. a lot of the factors that apply to ludwick also apply to rick. he also strikes out a bunch, but his walk rate has improved.

I’ve even read stuff that lunatics put up about trading duncan. the man has no value what so ever; let him come back and prove he can still play ball before he is even inserted into the conversation.

next, is colby; I’ve discussed him before. almost untouchable, enough said. you don’t trade a guy that will probably be an annual all star and a gold glover (five tool guy).

the most interguing option is this man I think….Bryan Anderson. from what I gather, he is a decent defensive catcher that can flat out hit. not much power though. he hits lefty handed and is really young (21 or 22 I think).

everyone had doubts about yadier’s offensive prowess or lack there of. last season, he seems to have finally “evolved” to the hitter we needed him to be. he drives in runs now and hits for a pretty good average (was it really above .300 this season?). his defense took a step back though.

one problem I have with yadi is his injury history. over the past couple of seasons, he just could not stay healthy. so, whenever he proves to me that he is healthy can play defense like old yadi and hit like new yadi….then and only then will I use anderson as a trade chip…… .300 lefty hitting respectable catchers don’t grow on trees.

the next two guys are basically one and the same; chris perez and jason motte. both are hard throwing righthanded relievers. the difference is that perez is a little further along and has aways closed or been groomed as a closer.

motte on the other hand is a former catcher that switched positions. here I think we should keep both because these guys would be a dream come true for all cards fans in th pen….two flame throwers that come in the 8th and 9th and strike people out.

obviously, that might be a bit unrealistic, so I would keep perez because of his minor an major league experience as a closer. also, becuase he is more “seasoned” than motte. I’d imagine motte would be a valuable commodity because who does not need a young hard throwing closer right?

those are all the ones I can think of right now, so it’s time to go back to watching politics…the election is tomorrow…please go vote!

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  1. November 3, 2008 6:44 pm

    Why is it that every time anyone talks about Ludwick..they seem to think his year was a fluke…An unproven commodity…and injury-prone? I just wish someone would tell me what it takes to break out of stereotypes.

    This past season WAS his breakout year–that much I will give you. But he has shown the ability to put up these types of numbers the past three years. In 2006 in Toledo, where he got stuck in a logjam behind outfielders that caught fire in Detroit, he played a full season batting .266 with 28 HR and 80 RBI in 508 AB. More of the same in 2007, as he hit .286 with 22 HR and 88 RBI in 409 AB (Most of that in STL.). Then the so-called BREAKOUT season in 2008, batting .299 with 37 HR and 113 RBI in 538 AB.

    And he wasn’t just valuable with the bat.

    His glove was just as valuable for the team, and although he doesn’t have Ankiel’s arm strength, he did have 12 assists and only two errors this past season while logging time at all three OF positions.

    And as far as protection for Albert goes…If Ludwick isn’t in the lineup behind him, his average is probably 30-35 points lower because of even MORE limited opportunities.

    How about everyone just finally giving up and quit over-analyzing the guy..and just admit that the organization did a great job of scouting…picked up a guy who busted his ass and was FINALLY healthy after some bad luck during his career…and give him the credit he deserves for hard work and perserverence?

    He is healthy, driven and should be considered a key component of any type of rebuilding the Cards do over the next few years.

    Is he going to an All-Star every year? Probably not. A lot of that had not only to do with his numbers, but also the fact that he had a great storyline.

    But it IS time to give the guy his due and stop talking about what he can’t do. Because honestly, the time has come for him to get the respect he has worked his entire career for.

    Not really getting on you cards4life specifically here…but at some point Cardinal fans ought to just be happy they have a guy that is a class act and could put up these types of numbers for the Redbirds for the next 5-6 years.

    Indianapolis, IN

  2. November 5, 2008 12:49 pm

    no offense taken. I actually kinda agree with you…to me, he has proven himself. what I’m talking about in this post is his perceived value by other organizations. no one wants to trade for a guy that has only had one big year and give up much for the guy, that’s all I’m saying. if he does the same thing next season, then he will have a lot higher value on the trade market. why would you trade him anyways? he is the 2nd best offensive player on the team and the only legitimate bat that has shown to be able to protect pujols in the cleanup spot. so, I think he has a lot more value to the cards than to anyone else.

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