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Golden mitts, catchers and left fielders

November 8, 2008

special weekend post today…haven’t posted in a while and there seems to be a lot of stuff going on lately.

first off, congrats to yadi for winning his first gold glove….this one, as we all know, is way overdue. molina, had his worst season defensively in the bigs last season. I’m not saying he is bad, but he was not what he had been behind the plate in previous years. this gold glove is deserved, but I think he earned it because of his bat not necessarily for his glove.

for example….remember russell martin last season winning the golden mitt. yes, you do and why did he win? because he was solid defensively? yes, but molina was a lot better. this season, same thing, but it was actually deserved for previous seasons. now, we wait for AP’s mvp…he better get it this season.

speaking of catchers; the cards brought back larue to be their back up catcher for another season. one year deal for 950 k. I guess they don’t think anderson is ready yet; he’ll probably be gone by the beginning of next season.

to the trade talk. bernie, derrick and el diablo weigh in on the rumors of a trade between the cards and the rockies; ludwick for holliday. the premise is: the cards get holliday and the rockies get ludwick, schumaker and boggs.

I don’t know if I would make this move. on the plus side, it does not involve giving up rasmus, perez, motte, anderson, etc. schumaker is good, but definitely replacable. boggs is a decent starting pitching prospect but also replacable.

the problem is holliday only has a year left on his deal. his agent is scott boras…
he is due 13.5 million next season and boras would likely demand 6 years for this guy at a rate of 20ish million a year, probably. is it worth it? not if you don’t work out an extension that works for you (i.e. get him for less than 16 million a year, because that’s what albert is getting….sorry,but he can’t get paid more than albert. if he does, what’s albert going to demand when his contract is over…it would set a precident and we would be going down a slippery slope; at the end of it, we might lose albert. I’m not down with that!).

besides, the cards still control ludwick for three more seasons (until he becomes an unrestricted free agent). I say, no dice (most likely….depending on the scenario and if it changes or not).

let’s hear what you gotta say:

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