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Friday quick hits and hot stove talk

November 14, 2008

wow, a lot of stuff has gone down the last week. let’s try to get all the news and notes I’ve missed to point out because of the lack of posting. here we go!

  1. congratulations to albert pujols and ryan ludwick for winning the silver slugger awards at their respecive positions. this was expected for albert I think, but a long shot for ludwick. he had a hill of a year, but I thought they were going to award on reputation to someone that had a decent year. so, congrats big thud!
  2. more congrats to tim lincecum for winning the nl cy young…much deserved here. the only real challenger was sabathia but it was partially not justified. if his whole season was taken into account, the man was terrible the first month or so of the season. I should know, he was on my fantasy team. on the other hand, lincecum has been stellar all year long…cc was phenomenal for the brewers the 2nd half of the season…just as good as lincecum if not better. in the end, they awarded it to the right pitcher.
  3. it looks like holliday is going to oakland and the masterpiece of that deal is houston street on oakland’s side. I don’t think street is going to be in the rockies uniform for too long…as long as he does not wear the birds on the bat, I’m fine with that…Perez is our man!
  4. it looks like manny is not a lock to return to the dodgers because they pulled back the offer…don’t know what that means, but they are still talking.
  5. the peavy sweeksptakes are still going on and the cards are presumably out of it. the braves who were said to be in the lead for getting peavy have ended their pursuit of him…a glitch in the deal; I still think he will end up their.
  6. now, to the yankees. they traded betemit and a couple of prospects to the pale hose for nick swisher…now they got a solid centerfielder. now, it’s been said that the yanks have offered a mind boggling contract to sabathia that I don’t see him refusing: 6 years and 140 million dollars. you gotta take that if your CC right? of course you do! I’ve also read that the yanks have some offers ready for burnett and derek lowe. I got one thing to say and it’s “watch out red sox, here come the yanks!”…it would be pretty awesome if the yanks sign all three starters and destroy the sox next season. so, in the end, the rays and yankees make the playoffs and the red sox do not…phenomenal!

Last but not least…the cards are not a number so let’s talk some cardinal hot stove league!

it seems that the cardinals are interested in bringing back lopez. I guess it’s because his back woke up once he got here and he is not that bad of a defender for a 2nd baseman. the problem is that he wants a multiyear deal. note to lopez…you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, right? I guess lopez does not believe in that. if he/his agent continue to be stubborn, he most definitely won’t be back.

let’s stay in the middle infield. kennedy still wants to be traded…let’s see what mo is going to get for this guy…a double A reliever maybe?

they still need a shortstop. the list of free agent shortstops looks like this via MLB trade rumors:
Willie Bloomquist (31)
Orlando Cabrera (34) – Type A
Alex Cintron (30)
Alex Cora (33)
Craig Counsell (38)
David Eckstein (34)
Adam Everett (32)
Rafael Furcal (31)
Nomar Garciaparra (35)
Chris Gomez (38)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (33)
Cesar Izturis (29)
Felipe Lopez (29)
Tomohiro Nioka (33)
Nick Punto (31)
Edgar Renteria (33) – Type A
Luis Rivas (29)
Juan Uribe (30) – Type B
Ramon Vazquez (32)

the names that interest me, and possibly the cards I’ve marked. I would not mind seeing edgar man short, but on a one year deal only. he can still hit in the national league pretty good…it seems that when he gets into the AL, he does horribly and he is terrific in the nl.

uribe is an intriguing option also; he kind of reminds me of what hector luna was supposed to be…I don’t think he would be that back either.

the pipe dream would be furcal. the man can do everything except hit for power. he would be the perfect lead off hitter and he can steal and he switch hits and plays good defense. what’s not to like? he will demand too many years and too much money though.

the dark horse that I could really see the cards sign is nick punto. he is a versatile guy…he can play 3rd, 2nd or ss; I’m not sure of his range, but he has played plenty at the shortstop for minnesota over the years. he kind of reminds me of mark derosa of this offseason, but with less power. I’d bet on this guy to be in a cardinals uniform before spring training if I was a betting man.

whose playing 2nd? well, if its not lopez, why not ryan I ask? the organization does not see him as a full time player, but I think he should be given a shot. how about hoffpauir? give him a shot too; that is, if you don’t go out and sign/trade for a 2nd baseman.

oh, oh, oh….I got it! the perfect 2nd baseman that could be a long term solution and would be the perfect  lead off man…he won’t be cheap, but won’t break the bank either…he’s got pop…he switch hits…he plays great defense…that’s right boys and girls, its olrando hudson! he is 31 years old, so a 3 to 4 year deal would be reasonable I think. go get’em mo!

oh, make sure to check back here next friday for the UCB annual blogger awards; the ballot is currently posted on cardinal70’s blog. that’s all I’ve got on this friday night, have a great weekend!

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