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The 2nd annual cardinal blogger awards!

November 21, 2008

today is the day for the blogger awards; if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this.

let’s got right at it…fast and furious:

1. player of the year- ryan ludwick, albert pujols or yadier molina

for this one, I feel like a I have to go with ryan ludwick. before you call me crazy, read my reasoning. first of all, the mang is who we think he is; he is mr. consistancy. I know it seems like I’ve been spoiled, but truely all of cardinal nation has by albert. we see a .330 average, 120+ rbis and 35+ home runs as set standards that albert has defined for himself over the years. he is the best hitter in the game no doubt. so, its not unexpected for him to do what he did. it was very unexpected for ryan though. I thought he would hit .270 and maybe 25 homers; that would have been icing on the cake for me. he went above and beyond that though, so he gets the nod from me.

2. pitcher of the year- kyle lohse, braden looper or adam wainwright.

I’ll take braden looper for pitcher of the year. must be the magicman dave duncan at work here. it’s gotta be him. lohse was good, but he has always had the potential and he kinda tailed off at the end there. adam was on the dl for a couple of months so I can’t really give it to him. looper blew me away; I still think he is at best and this is if everything goes his way (pitch selection, location, defense, hitter, etc.), he is a #3 starter. the rest of the time, which is almost always, he is a #4 or 5 starter. that’s just who he is. still, he was phenomenal down the stretch and especially the last three months of the season.

3. game of the year- july 5th vs. chicago, aug. 22th vs. atlanta, aug. 27th vs. milwaukee or sept. 9th vs. chicago.

my pick os september 9th versus the cubs. the cards had a 9th inning win at home against the cubbies. they beat the cubs, 4 to 3. chris perez got the win and sir albert homered (three run shot). this game was the best hands down.

4. surprise player of the year- lohse, ludwick or schumaker.

skippy gets it here. he was simply awefully good against right handed pitching. he plays pretty good defense. he was the “sparkplug” to the 2008 offense in my opinion. now, he is a valuable player, but tradable none the less because he can be replaced with an much better player; Raz is the guy I’m talking about.

5. disappointing player of the year- duncan, franklin or isringhausen.

izzy was very dissapointing and so was duncan. I was going to go with dunca originally, but I’ll submit a write in. I’ll go with tyler johnson. they really needed him this season, but he was not available. I read articles early in spring training about duncan saying that he was really dissapointed in tyler because he did not show up in shape, especially arm wise. a couple of weeks later, look what happened. he had “stiffness”. at that point, they shut him down for a couple of weeks. I pretty much called and and said that he was going to be out of the rest of the season. he was and I’m not even sure about his status for next season.

6. cardinal rookie of the year- mather, mcclellan or perez.

I really like mather, but he did not get enough at bats for me to annoint him rookie of the year. I think perez had high expectations on his shoulders to begin with. that’s why I pick kyle mcclellan. I mean, I’ve never heard of the kid before spring training and he had never pitched above double A. so, I thought he would have been gone in a couple of weeks. he hung in there, and wouldn’t you know it, he made the opening day roster. then, he was really good for like 6 months but his arm seemed to really give out the last three months of the season; I hope that he’ll be healthy and ready to go for next season because he can be a really important part of that ‘pen.

7. new player of the year- glaus, izturis or lohse.

glaus…I don’t really have a good reason for this one. my gut told me he was not going to do much…good thing my gut was wrong. he is a keeper; at least for another year or two before the walrus comes up to the bigs.

8. most anticipated cardinal- anderson, rasmus or todd.

the easiest one on the ballot so far…Raz of course.

9. best individual blog-
how about Fungoes? I would vote for myself, but that would be a copout and egocentric…that would also be a lie. so, fungoes it is; great blog with reasoning, logic and a lot of stats that blow your mind.

10. best team blog…no need for a discussion or reasoning or choices because this one os very obvious or it should be. VIVA EL BIRDOS!

11. best professional blog.

Bird land. derrick is a great writer, very thorough and thought provoking. no offense to bernie because he is great too, but goold’s blog is just better in my opinion.

12. best UCB project- I’ll go with the october roundtables. they were great; we got to give out our own opinions and read what other people think. what’s greater than the freedom of speech when it comes to blogs? nothing!

13. most optomistic blog…not mine.
uh, I’ll go with cardinals GM on this one. I just think tom is very optimistic when it comes to the cardinals and their chances.

14. funniest blog- no doubt, its cardinals diaspora. hooks is hilarious…

15. best blog post/series of the year- Biggest Plays of 2008 by Pip at Fungoes.

16. rookie blog of the year- 4thebirds.

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  1. November 21, 2008 10:21 pm

    Some original thinking there! Good stuff!

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