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LOOGY Galore

November 25, 2008

not one lefty specialist but two?

could it be….well, why yes it quite possible could.

I bet you’ve heard about the cardinals and their “negotiations” with trevor miller, the free agent lefty speicalists that was part of the rays 2008 bullpen. yes, that guy. Mo has been “dealing” with him for a while, but the deal is still not done. he even came into to saint louis for a physical I suppose.

the deal was reported to be almost completed like over a week ago. still, they are still working out the terms, or so they say.

I honestly don’t know what the deal is. its rumored to be a two year deal; I don’t dispute that and I’m betting both sides have agreed to that. what’s left to talk about…money I guess? affledt got a two year 8 million dollar deal. what do you give miller, 2 years 4 million? overpriced sure, but that’s what the market for lefty specialists look like this offseason.

maybe there is something wrong with the guy physically; meaning, the physical did not go as planned. well, then the negotiations should have just stopped right? I don’t know.

I’m a big conspiracy theorist (I know, I’ve told you this before if you’ve been reading this blog for a while), so let me give you my theory. I’ve read a couple of sources saying that cincy (old friend walt) is also interested in miller. could he be using cincy’s interest as leverage to get some more money/years out of the cardinals? this is baseball, so that is a possibility not to be ruled out.

now, the cards have made an offer to arthur rhodes. rhodes’ agent has confirmed that the cardinals have made an offer. although, no one mentions how competitive the offer is. this reminds me of the burnett mystery offers that were “competitive”…I am a cynical character. we might never know what the cardinals offered him if he signs somewhere else, but we’ll know what he signed for. then, maybe we can estimate how much lower the contract that the cards offered.

let’s be positive for a second though; Mo and the braintrust might prove me wrong for once and actually do it. they actually might land both lefties, but I highly doubt it. I’m guessing the contract with miller will eventually be agreed upon. I won’t hold my breath for rhodes though.

so, that’s my LOOGY breakdown. just in case I don’t post tomorrow, happy thanksgiving! eat a lot of turkey and watch all three football games thursday. I personally am planning to watch at least a game and a half.

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