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Did that just happen? uh, Yes!

December 4, 2008

yes, it did just happen. from no moves and talking about charlie manning  and his pick up and the resigning of fumanchu larue to this…

not one, but two moves! can you dig it?

first, after a long suspenseful and drawn out wait, trevor miller is officially a cardinal. he signed a one year deal with a total potential value of 2 million dollars.

my conspiracy theory at the time was that something wrong must have happened during his physical? wouldn’t you know it, there was something wrong. his left labrum (in his left shoulder)is damaged. so the two year 4 million dollar deal was scratched and this two million one year deal was put together and agreed upon.

now, we have our LOOGy; still, the cards probably need another lefty reliever because that’s how tony like its. now, whether that lefty is strictly a LOOGy or a guy that can get right and lefthanded hitters out depends on what’s available and the price.

even bigger news, we got ourselves a shortstop! yes, the cards made a deal for Kal-el, son of Jor-el Greene from the planet Krypton. he has come to earth to save cardinal nation from horrible offensive shortstops (at least power wise). the article said that the cards gave up two relief pitchers for him, mark worrell and another one that has not been announced.

you might have heard that he was pretty bad with the bat last season (.213 avg, 10 homers, 35 rbis, 5 sb, 100 k’s, 22 bb’s, .260 obp, .339 slg % in 389 at bats). obviously, not very good.

in 2007 though, he had a big year when he hit 27 homers in that spacious national park that they call petco. now, he moves to busch, which is a more favorable hitters park compared to petco.

khalil might not be great all around player because he does strike out a lot and his obp can be low at times, but he does have potential and is at least solid if not spectacular. in the lineup, I see him as the number 6 or 7 hitter. so, as of today, the cards lineup should look something like this:

rasmus, ankiel, pujols, ludwick, glaus, greene, molina, kennedy?, pitcher…that looks about right to me. except, maybe tony would not want back to back lefties at the top of the lineup. I don’t mind it as long as ludwick stays in the cleanup spot because he should last season that he is best suited for it.

oh, last thing: greene has one year left on his deal I think that is worth 6.5 million dollars and he is 29 years old. let the news soak in and savor the taste of the culinary arts that are coming off of the hot stove!

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