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Running on the rumor mill

December 8, 2008

many, many rumors regarding the cardinals are swirling about these days. let’s go through them and see if we can cut the crap out and fantasize about some of these possibilities.

so, let’s get started!

1. rosenthal reports that the cardinals are serious about burnett. uhhh….I really don’t buy this one. I’m crazy like that, but I don’t believe this one. I’d say their interest is the same as it was three years ago; a lot, but not enough to give him the highest bid and land him that’s for sure. also, we all know he does not give a home town discount. ken also says the it’s been reported that the braves have offered him a 4 year deal worth 60 million with an option for a fifth. um, no thank you! this time, I’m going to side with the cardinals on this one. burnett is a great pitcher when he is healthy; a fireballer that can shut any team down, but the catch is he’s got to stay healthy. he is also know thirty two years old. if he was injured that often in his 20’s, what’s gonna happen to his arm in his mid 30’s? 4 years is the most I might do, with an option for a 5th (a team option). If I was Mo, I would just match the braves offer and see what happens.

2. mark bowman of mlb’s hot stove blog says that the braves are interested in ankiel, but not ludwick. perfect; the cardinals need that power hitting righthanded bat anyways. now, when it comes to a lefty outfielder, they got a couple and then some. yeah, I’d trade slick rick to the braves….for kelly johnson and a decent left handed pitcher (reliever or starter; close to major league ready). ankiel is due to make some big bucks assuming he can stay healthy and put up the power numbers because his agent is boras (and he has a cannon for an arm). so, I’d make that move, but it really depends on the lefthander they include in the package.

3. also, I’ve read various articles online (including the p.d.) talking about the cards interest in peavy. uh, that probably would involve rasmus, so no thank you. if it does not, then let’s talk shall we? start the conversation with anderson, craig and boggs/mortenson? something like that, but colby and perez I would say are definitely off of the table (they should be at least).

4. this is the worst one of all, but some say the cardinals are also pursuing a closer….(gulp)…why? I’d be ok with an insurance guy that comes cheap in case perez really blows up and can’t get “it” back; which is whatever a pitcher needs to close, but that’s about it. I don’t like this talk of putz and hoffman unless they are willing to set up for perez or pitch the seventh and let motte set up for him (if he performs in spring training).

in a recent article, I’ve read that Mo says pitching is the top
priority and I agree. he needs to add another starter because carpenter
is still a huge liability. I’d prefer a lefty; I would not mind the
cards taking a flyer on shawn estes, mark hendrickson, randy johnson!,
odalis perez(!), oliver perez(!), randy wolf(!). now, the guys with the
(!) are of special interests to me; they can possibly really make the
club better. estes and hendrickson I’d probably give minor league deals
with invites to s.t., but the others, a mlb deal is required. some
might come cheap (odalis) while others will probably be really
expensive (johnson, o. perez). a guy with a lot of potential and is a
hard throwing righty that’s had some injury problems that I’d like the
cardinals to take a look at is penny. he has really great stuff and
maybe the wizard duncan can straighten him out; the problem is he seems
to have attracted many other big market teams that will give him a
chunk of dough so I don’t know how likely that is anymore.

well, that’s it for today. hopefully, john makes a move or two before the end of the meetings.

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