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Hot Stove Heaven!

December 11, 2008

there is so much stuff happening now that it’s making my head spin! seriously…just a week ago, things were slow as a snail with trevor miller talks all over cardinal blogs. now, since sabathia has picked a team finally, the dominoes are falling.

first up…sabathia. the yankees were pretty much bidding against themselves. no one seems to have even gotten close to their offer. its been reported that they will sign CC to a 7 year 161 million dollar deal. I’ve read about the other offers, and none of them were over 100 million. don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of money, but its not 160 million. still, if any team can afford it, its the yankees.

now, the yankees turn their attention to burnett. reports have said they the bombers are going hard after him by giving him the 5th guaranteed to him and the offer’s worth is around 85 million I think. the braves over is around 80 million. if they get him, they might go after ben sheets too. are you kidding me? a rotation of sabathia, burnett, sheets, wang chamberlain…killer! if only they can stay healthy.

let’s talk cardinals for a bit now…a closer? really tony? wtf! you gotta be kidding me right? an offer to krod, and they tried to get putz. thank god that krod is now with the mets and so is jj putz thanks to a three team deal that sent him there.

now, tlr says that fuentes is their top priority. really? shouldn’t they try to get a decent starter? like, say this guy? yes, rays needed an left handed hitter outfielder and they got’em from the tigers. guess who else has a surplus of lefty outfielders….the cards; but I digress, what about perez and motte? I thought that’s what they drafted perez for…to be the closer of the future. what happened to the promise of giving young players a chance? thank god we only have one year of tony left (at least I hope so).

some nice news about fuentes: the angels like him. let’s hope they make him an offer he can’t refuse do we don’t have to deal with a 3 year 30ish million dollar deal that he is demanding.

more cardinals related news; the diamondbacks inked lopez to a one year deal worth 3.5 million pending a physical. yikes! that much money for a a hot bat that lasted a couple of months.

looks like kennedy will be back as the cards 2nd baseman…will he be the starter? that is still to be determined. also, the guy I’ve been advocating the cards sign to play 2nd because he might come cheap resigned with his old team, the twins. taht’s right, nick punto is off the market.

the birds don’t need another lefty right because they are going after fuentes (sigh…)? well, the reds are closing in on rhodes. its said to be a two year deal worth 4 million dollars…identical to miller’s old deal. maybe this is good for the cards in the long term. we’ll just have to see things play out over the years.

last but not least, some news from across the state. the royals are working on a deal with farnsworth. yes, that kyle farnsworth…the man with all the tools, but without a toolbox. its said to be a two year deal. they’ll use him as the setup man for their young stud closer soria.

wow…I’m wiped out, or hot stoved out. they need to save some of this stuff for the rest of the winter!

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  1. December 11, 2008 6:16 pm

    I love the new look!

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