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Hibernation break

December 24, 2008

hey, how is everyone? been away for a while…finals, lab work, family matters among other things have kept me pretty busy the last two weeks. just wanted to put up a post before christmas to sum up what has happened the last week or so, which is not very much.

the cardinals signed a japanese pitcher…no, not one of those much heralded one. katsuhiko maekawa is a left handed pitcher that was signed to a minor league deal; he is 30 years old. he did not pitch last year, but in 2006, he pitched for the orix blue wave going 1-7 with a 4.37 era. so, um, sounds like triple-A filler to me, but I hope I’m wrong. maybe, just maybe, he is the 2nd LOOGy for the 2009 bullpen along with trevor miller.

more minor league signings; cards signed a couple of guys to minor league deals with invites to spring training. joe thurston is an infielder and justin knoedler a catcher. I really don’t know much about these guys, but FR and VEB do, so check them out.

fuentes’ thing is not over yet…hopefully it will be soon since his agent said he was waiting for texiera to sign and he did…with the yankees to an 8 year deal worth 180 million dollars. so, the cards a still waiting. brian has reiterated that he prefers the angels and they can have him as long as they give him a three year deal i guess. the cards are rumored to have offered him a two year deal with 16-18 million dollars. let’s hope he goes for the angels.

Mr. Pujols recieved another award. so, clemente, mvp and now the this year in baseball’s hitter of the year…no one deserves it more. AP is simply a phenomenal hitter, the best in baseball if I can say so myself.

that’s all I got, so merry christmas, happy new year and happy holidays to all!

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