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MLB Roundup

December 30, 2008

still no new cards news to report…so, I’m just trying to keep myself sane and in the same time keep up with which free agent is landing where and at the same time giving you the info if you missed it.

so, let’s see who is going where.

some familiar names have been inked to minor league deals with s.t. invites; the jays signed michael barrett and mike maroth to those kinds of deals…minor league one with an invite.

good old mike maroth; I remember those innings very vividly, but I really wish I did not. all those hits, walks and homers. every hit anybody got off of him while he was a cardinal was a rope going one way or another.

what can you say about barrett? decent catcher, good hitter and the infamous big z bustle and the slump in san diego.

florida is looking to sign turnbow…yeah, that one. he has had injury problems and only pitched 6 1/3 innings last season and has had control problems. he also seems to not have the steel spheres to close out games as we saw with milwaukee. maybe the fish want to get him and try him as the closer since they traded away Gregg to the cubbies.

one of my favorites, brad penny, is off the market. the dreaded red sox signed him. it’s a one year deal that is worth 5 million dollars. he would have been the perfect duncan project; one last project for him. he has the definition of high risk high reward. I don’t know if he is going to be any good in the junior circuit…his whole has been in the national league. usually, pitchers do worse in the american league because of obvious reasons (dh and a catcher that can actually hit).

another favorite of RBR, randy johnson, is off of the table also. this one was a little more of a long shot, but still. he signed a one year deal with the giants worth 8 million and potentially 13 million of he can get all the incentives. I think that’s a pretty good deal even though the big unit’s back is pretty much shot. he needs 5 wins to get to 300 and he will probably get’em. I don’t expect him to make more than 15-20 starts though.

old friend walt jocketty is making some noise over in cincy. he inked willy taveras to a two year deal. he’ll bat leadoff and play centerfield for the reds. I guess he’ll basically replace ryan freel, except he is not nearly the hitter that freel is, but h can sure swipe bases if he can get on base.

at this point, I’d be happy if the cardinals signed perez. no, not oliver perez, but odalis perez. yes, this guy.

finally, tomorrow the UCB has it’s final project for the year and I’ll be participating. to learn more about it, check out the head organizer and “president” of the UCB, C70.

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