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Hello 2009!

December 31, 2008

some great news on this new year’s eve:

– mr. grit, the scrappy aaron miles is gone, forever. well, for the next two seasons at least. he is now a cub…of all things. they gave him a two year deal worth 4.9 million dollars. really? he had a career year last season and we get it, he is versatile. two years? for that much money? you go cubbies! he is best suited to be a reserve and nothing else. defensively, he is below average at ss and mediocre at 2nd base. some say, “why are you picking on the man, he hit .317 last season?” well my friends, I don’t like guys that just put up a good ba. low obp, walk totals and complete lack of power are nothing to be desired…at least not by me. he is a singles hitter pure and simple. anyways, congrats to miles for getting that contract. I guess the cubs are determined to put a member of the ’06 cardinals w.s. team on theirs (edmonds obviously didn’t work out too well last year as a good luck charm to get them to the world series).

-fuentes is off the board…phew! he inked a deal with the angels. two years, 17.5 million dollars with an option for a third year worth 9 million dollars. isn’t that close to the cards reported 17 million dollar offer for two years? I guess fuentes wasn’t bluffing when he said he wanted to play for the halos. still, I like this move. he probably would have been marginally better than perez as a closer, but would have been payed a lot more than the league minimum so no thank you. if tlr wants competition for perez, we got motte and kinney.

-after acquiring miles, the cubbies went ahead and traded derosa to the indians. he will now be their starting third baseman. they got three pitchers in return, all minor leaguers. this seems like a setup to try to get peavy. they got fontenot to play 2nd and miles to back him up and to back up theriot at ss.

wow, this is sounding like a baby bears blog right? still more cubs news. old friend jason marquis might get flipped for a righty reliever named luis vizcaino of the rockies. I guess they want to free up a rotation spot for peavy or another starter possibly (who is better than marquis) and also free up some salary (bipolar betty is owed about 10 million for 2009 while vizcaino is owed 3.5 million).

well, happy new year and let’s hope we see some moves by the cards over the next couple of weeks.

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