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An addendum to the lead off spot

February 6, 2009

so, after I published yesterday’s post, I saw the article on schumaker. yeah, I guess tlr is gonna have hime taking groundballs at second and he might actually get some playing time at second.

I fine with that, in fact it might be the best thing for skip. that way, both his bat and colby’s can be in the lineup…but he has to actually play at least aaron miles defense at second to cut it. I think he can, but it’s gonna take a couple of months or so.

in the long run, this might be the best move of skip’s baseball career. it’s too early to say this, but if he does convert position, it’ll be like the kelly johnson switch. that worked out fine. it would be a nice change to have someone from the starting middle infield to be able to get on base for a change (miles and izturis didn’t really cut it for me last season).

if this actually happens (because it might be scratched at any moment like that time when bo hart tried switch hitting in spring training), that would make the lineup more balanced.

today, another article was published on the cards site saying that 2nd base will be a competition and kennedy is not guaranteed the starting position. that’s a good thing also because it might light a much needed fire under kennedy. that that he needs more than the fact that is is his walk year. if he does well, he might get another decent contract.

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  1. February 14, 2009 3:06 pm

    Oh give me a effing break! The Padres are getting away with paying Eckstein only $850K this year to play 2b for them while the Cards would rather take their chances with some klutz who has no clue how to play 2b. The Cards just keep making more and more cheap ass moves like this to the point of embarrassment. It would be nice if somebody showed Mo the door already.

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