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April 25, 2009

shady is back in the building! I’m just trying to be fashionably late people…if I still got people that read this blog: ok, I know I said I was gonna be back soon, but then I got side tracked with more work and then the research, so…

I think, I’m back for real now and I couldn’t have picked a better time. the cardinals lead the division and have already collected 13 wins.

great to see albert and ludwick out to such good starts. with albert, it was expected, but for ludwick, I had my doubts there. especially after the horrendous spring he had.

when it comes to the roster, I think tony doesn’t want me to be happy. I was happy when colby made the team, but then perez didn’ make it. now, motte and perez have both blown a save a peice, and franklin looks the the default closer…how are they ever going to be good closers if they don’t get thrown right back into the same situation the second time around? all veterans were once rookies, but somebody gave them playing time and in intense situations. that’s the only way you can find out whether they’ll be any good.

oh, carpenter won’t be back until the all star break (afterwards), just so you know. glaus probably won’t be back until august if that. let’s just hope the kids can do a decent job.

a player that has been great so far is brian barden. the guy has hit so far, and for the most part, has been great defensively at 3rd. he might possibly be an everyday supersub the cards need at 3rd if/when glaus is back.

let’s go cards, sweep those cubbies!

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