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Oh Snap!

April 30, 2009

didn’t see that coming did ya? nope…

I did not that that ryan’s injury was that bad, but I guess the cardinal doctors thought otherwise this time. shocking I know.

that means, he going on the DL. so, ryan to DL and the other greene will be called up to take his spot.
ryan was diagnosed with a mild hamstring strain. your starting shortstop seems to also have a case of the ouchies, dealing with a right forearm strain that makes it hard for him to throw.

so, it looks like we are going to get a real good look at tyler greene’s skills over the next two weeks (at least). let’s see what this kid can do. he was supposed to be ready to take over shortstop permanently after eckstien left, but as we all know, that was not the case.

the kid was inconsistant, struck out too much and good injured a couple of times which derailed his progress. now, he gets his shot in the big show.

the offense did a little better last night, got with W and the series win. as usually, wainwright helped himself offensively and had a pretty good start. hopefully he’ll build some steam and keep going like this for a while because the cards are going to need it until carp comes back.

tonight, the cards start a four game series with the nationals on the road. first up, it’s mitchell boggs towing the rubber for the cards against danny cabrera of the nationals (formerly of the orioles; he was  released during spring training I think).

game two should be a real interesting one. it’ll be the colonel wellemeyer who has been struggling of late going against the rookie and new found stopper of the nationals, jordan zimmerman.

alright, let’s go cards!

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