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Grad school is hard!

May 23, 2009

same old same old stuff going on…the problem is, I can’t really find time or motivation to write anything for the blog. actually, if I really wanted to, I can  make time, but lack of motivation is a tremendous factor. graduate school is really ramping up and the summer is prime time to get some research done since there isn’t any teaching to be done or classes to be taken. I will not shut this blog down permanently, but it will be on hiatus for a couple of months. I’ll take june, july and possibly august away from the blog…I might be back in september depending on my motivation to write and if the cards are still in the thick of the playoff hunt. or, I might be back if they make the playoffs. for the near future though, I’ll be away from the blog and focusing on the real world and getting my master’s and now a possible phd degree going on the right path. good luck to the few readers that still visit this blog and I’m sure you guys can find plenty of good blogs out there you can read like VEB, FR an C70. finally, Go Cards!

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