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No Sweep This Time…

April 26, 2009

didn’t go so well now did it? I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda getting tired of the broad shouldered project. no more relievers into starters from now on ok? k, no questions asked.

so, what should be done with todd. it’s obvious isn’t it? put him back in the pen and get’em to throw that fast ball at 98 mph and mix it up with some breaking pitches and he should be decent. who’s place will he take you ask; that’s kind of obvious too.

drum roll please…Boyer. yes, the new guy. so far, he pretty much stinks. over the long run, I think this is gonna work out to be a bad trade. barton is no world beater, but he could have been real useful in a limited role on the big club. besides, who is your 2nd righthanded outfield bat? ryan or barden? sheesh.

also consider this: boyer is really no better than pj walters, or boggs or pretty much any reliever/starter that is right handed that is pitching in triple A. so, why trade barton for this guy? you got me. it’s not like we need anymore, there are already like 13 pitchers on this roster right? if you’re gonna trade for pitching, make it a starter for God’s sake.

I’m done for today; sigh.

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