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Albert regains his crown

November 17, 2008

yes sir…they finally made the right decision!

you know, I had my argument planned out if howard had one it how the award was worthless because it was solely based on home runs and rbis. well, I don’t have to resort to that now, but I’ll  compare a couple of guys’ stats to howards’ and pujols’ stats.

so, I personally thought if albert did not win it (which he did), utley would be more deserving than howard.

Howard: 610 abs, 153 hits, 48 hrs, 146 rbis, 81 bbs, 199 Ks, .339 obp, .543 slg, .251 avg
Utley:    607 abs, 177 hits, 33 hrs, 104 rbis, 64 bbs, 104 Ks, .380 obp, .535 slg, .298 avg

come on people! you can see from those stats that the only stats in which howard is superior is rbis, homers and only slightly in slugging percentage (caused by the homers). besides, to do this, ryan when on an absolute tear at the end of the season; especially the last month. so, I’d give the mvp award to chase before ryan any day of the week. you can see that he has about the same amount of at bats and more walks and a higher obp plus more hits.

I guy that came to mind when I thought of howard was adam dunn. he seems to be a very similar type of player. so, I looked at his stats, and to me he also looked like he had better overall stats than howard. here they are:

Dunn: 507 abs, 122 hits, 40 hrs, 100 rbis, 122 bbs, 164 Ks, .395 obp, .500 slg, .236 avg

look at those stats…less hits, but about 40 less strike outs and about 40 more walks. I’d rather give it to dunn than howard.

now, don’t get me wrong, I like ryan howard he is a great player, but not worth an mvp award this season. so, that’s that…our man got it and he deserved it. congrats albert!

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  1. November 17, 2008 4:27 pm

    Definitely the right choice. King Albert is back on this throne!


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