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Spring Fever

January 30, 2009

we still got a couple of weeks until pitchers and catchers report, but I don’t think I can wait that long anymore. sure, saint louis has been snowed out the last week, but still, I look forward to the bright sunshine and green grass of spring to get here. I’m sick and tired of this cold weather…not being a native also attributes to my dislike for bitter cold winters.

now, what type of stories do we hear before spring training? that’s right, the “best shape of my life” stories. well, there is already one on yadi. he says he has lost weight, 10-15 pounds to be exact. well, it can’t hurt to put less weight on those good healthy knees that catchers define as necessities.

“I’ve been working hard with my body, with my knees,” he said. “I just want to play a full season healthy. I’ve been working with my trainer in Puerto Rico, Felix Molina. I’m just trying to be healthy this year, trying to finish the season. The full season.”

let’s hope he can stay healthy all year and keep playing great defense (keep making those snap throws to first!). I just hope his hitting last year was not an aberration but progression…

in other news, pujols wants manny and so do most cards fans right? well, I would like many protecting pujols and playing in left field, but I don’t know about you.

it’s too crowded in the outfield you say? nonsense! trade ankiel or ludwick and mather or barton or schumaker for a decent young starter and bring ManRam in to patrol left field. what ever happened to that fuentes money that they were going to spend…about 10 million a year for two years? if manny takes that kind of discount (2 years, 20 million), you gotta do it don’t you? because the dewallet was open for fuentes, meaning the cards still have about 10 million dollars to play with don’t they? just checking.

but alas, the cardinals are not interested or so says mo:

“The answer is no,” Mozeliak said, when asked by the Los Angeles Times if the Cardinals had interest in signing Ramirez.

another spring piece on about the cards; what a healthy carpenter and wainwright would do the cards odds of competing in the division. hey, I’d be one of the happiest people on earth if that happens…if we had the dynamic duo healthy and pitching up to their potential for a full season, we could compete and beat the cubs and their dynamic duo of harden and zambrano. now that I have raised you up to cloud nine, let’s bring you back down; carpenter is still a big question mark and could face complications at any time during his recovery. I won’t believe he is healthy until I see him pitch in the majors effectively with my own eyes for a couple of months. until then, all we got is hope.

you know spring training is almost here when fantasy baseball is almost about start and leagues are about to be formed! now, go get to doing your research on who you’re going to draft this seson!

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