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Too Optimistic?

January 23, 2009

really? well, that’s what I’ve heard on the estimated recovery time given by the cards around the ‘net. by golly, the cards medical staff have never done this before. no, never! they’ve never been too optimistic about recovery timetables.

what’s that….he might also have a torn muscle and not just a shoulder cleanup? not true! the cards medical staff would never not tell the whole truth about a critical player’s medical situation…ever.

no one should criticize the cards because they did not have the surgery done after the season is over because you know, time heals all wounds right? right!

yeah, it’s not like they pulled this off before.

*if you can’t tell, the previous ramblings are supposed to be sarcastic.

let’s cut the crap and get down to it…I’m furious with the cards, but I really shouldn’t be because they do this kind of stuff all the time and I should of gotten used to it by now. right?

some earlier examples of the cardinals “waiting for time to heal the injury”: 1. when jim edmonds had that bad foot and shoulder a couple of years ago…yeah, let’s wait and let it heal by itself. that worked out really well; he got the surgeries done like a couple of weeks before spring training. sure, he played on opening day, but the first month of the season went in the crapper because he was basically in spring training mode. 2. juan “cyborg” encarnacion. this one was when he had that wrist problem and they told him that it might heal over time….yeah, it did not. he got it done also a couple of months before spring training and missed like, what, two months of the season.

I can just keep going, you know that right….all the scott rolen issues…..etc.

cards timetable for troy’s recovery is 12 weeks. I personally don’t buy that for a second. I’m guessing june 1st is a good bet, and if they aren’t telling the whole truth, it could take until the all star break. hey, call me crazy, but go ahead and prove me wrong cards!

now, who starts at third? the most logical candidates are mather, freese, wallace, craig. wallace is probably not gonna get a real shot. craig will probably be wallace’s backup in triple-A…so, I’ll go with a freese/mather platoon.

still, for some reason, I’m getting this sick feeling in my stomach that tony might pull a tony and not go with the most logical replacements. he might stick brendan ryan in there or maybe even thurston or maybe even adam kennedy?…now, on this issue, I really hope I’m wrong.

another thing I gotta say is thank god aaron miles is not a cardinal anymore because he probably would have been the default starter at 3rd behind glaus if he was still a cardinal.

man, maybe I should stop praying for news from the cards. when I do, it’s bad news.

well, that was my little rant about the hot corner situation…

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  1. January 25, 2009 4:46 am

    McDonald’s is officially removing its Big Mac name from its burger because of Mark McGwire-

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