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Royce Ring huh?

January 11, 2009

so I’m a little late to the party…bite me. guess Mo and the boys think that we are set; now that the cards have added the lefty reliever ring, the championship club is intact and they can’t wait for the season to start.

the cubs finalized a three year deal with milton bradley. the redsox signed saito, baldelli and smoltz. the braves got kawakami, which the cards were rumored to be in the running for. he is off the table. now, the braves also are going after derek lowe. the brewers signed hoffman to be their closer I assume.

wow, Mo and Dewitt are really being agressive huh? maybe they are saving the “dry powder” to make a big move later on to pick up a scrub off of the srap heap and make into an average player that will be overpaid the season after by another team.

what am I doin? well, the frustration has set it big time and I don’t know what else to do but vent. and what better place to vent than my cards blog that I have abandoned for the last two weeks or so?

as it stands, the cards still need a real lefty reliever that can face both righthanded and lefthanded hitters…just to keep tony sane. also, more importantly, another solid starter needs to be added to the rotation; at this point, anyone will do…I mean anyone. just sign someone that I have heard of and I’ll probably be happy.

who is still out there? ben sheets is, and so is pedro martinez. let’s list some names: bartolo colon, paul byrd, jon garland, livan hernandez, jason jennings, braden looper, chuck james, odalis perez, sydney ponson, tim redding and randy wolf.

pick one or two of those guys, and sign them. now, I’m not advocating wasting money, just signing a guy or two to a decent deal to shore up the rotation in case carp isn’t healthy or joel blows up…

Anthony Reyes where Art Thou?

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  1. sepurkett permalink
    January 11, 2009 11:25 am

    Ponson??? Wow, you really are frustrated. 🙂

    My vote is Pettitte.

    Maybe once ST comes around and we find out if Carp’s going to be healthy (or not), then they’ll make some more moves. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that nothing else is going to happen before then.

    • January 11, 2009 1:10 pm

      yes, ponson…it’s that bad. I’m still holding out hope for ben sheets; maybe a two year deal for 20-25 million or so with an option for a third year. one can still hope, or mo can trade from the plethora of outfielders and get himself a decent young starter with some potential.

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