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Grad school is hard!

May 23, 2009

same old same old stuff going on…the problem is, I can’t really find time or motivation to write anything for the blog. actually, if I really wanted to, I can  make time, but lack of motivation is a tremendous factor. graduate school is really ramping up and the summer is prime time to get some research done since there isn’t any teaching to be done or classes to be taken. I will not shut this blog down permanently, but it will be on hiatus for a couple of months. I’ll take june, july and possibly august away from the blog…I might be back in september depending on my motivation to write and if the cards are still in the thick of the playoff hunt. or, I might be back if they make the playoffs. for the near future though, I’ll be away from the blog and focusing on the real world and getting my master’s and now a possible phd degree going on the right path. good luck to the few readers that still visit this blog and I’m sure you guys can find plenty of good blogs out there you can read like VEB, FR an C70. finally, Go Cards!


Oh Snap!

April 30, 2009

didn’t see that coming did ya? nope…

I did not that that ryan’s injury was that bad, but I guess the cardinal doctors thought otherwise this time. shocking I know.

that means, he going on the DL. so, ryan to DL and the other greene will be called up to take his spot.
ryan was diagnosed with a mild hamstring strain. your starting shortstop seems to also have a case of the ouchies, dealing with a right forearm strain that makes it hard for him to throw.

so, it looks like we are going to get a real good look at tyler greene’s skills over the next two weeks (at least). let’s see what this kid can do. he was supposed to be ready to take over shortstop permanently after eckstien left, but as we all know, that was not the case.

the kid was inconsistant, struck out too much and good injured a couple of times which derailed his progress. now, he gets his shot in the big show.

the offense did a little better last night, got with W and the series win. as usually, wainwright helped himself offensively and had a pretty good start. hopefully he’ll build some steam and keep going like this for a while because the cards are going to need it until carp comes back.

tonight, the cards start a four game series with the nationals on the road. first up, it’s mitchell boggs towing the rubber for the cards against danny cabrera of the nationals (formerly of the orioles; he was  released during spring training I think).

game two should be a real interesting one. it’ll be the colonel wellemeyer who has been struggling of late going against the rookie and new found stopper of the nationals, jordan zimmerman.

alright, let’s go cards!

Another blown save?!?!

April 28, 2009
Jo Jo Reyes, or Tom Glavine in his prime...either one can shut the cards down. you just gotta be lefthanded.

Jo Jo Reyes, or Tom Glavine in his prime...either one can shut the cards down. you just gotta be lefthanded.

really? come on McClellan!


the pitching is not the sole fault of this loss (the bullpen that is). it’s the offense too. they were silenced by none other than the great jo jo reyes. yes, the reincarnation of tom glavine in his prime it seems. this sucks so bad…

at least the cards took game one. another positive note, I like the batting order of rasmus, pujols and ludwick; it makes me smile, but not at the end of a loss though.

alright, let’s the rubber game redbirds! we got the advantage since the de facto ace is up, wainwright (2-0, 2.70 ERA), who’ll be opposed by javier vasquez (2-1, 2.63).

go out there and win this series wagonmaker!

No Sweep This Time…

April 26, 2009

didn’t go so well now did it? I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda getting tired of the broad shouldered project. no more relievers into starters from now on ok? k, no questions asked.

so, what should be done with todd. it’s obvious isn’t it? put him back in the pen and get’em to throw that fast ball at 98 mph and mix it up with some breaking pitches and he should be decent. who’s place will he take you ask; that’s kind of obvious too.

drum roll please…Boyer. yes, the new guy. so far, he pretty much stinks. over the long run, I think this is gonna work out to be a bad trade. barton is no world beater, but he could have been real useful in a limited role on the big club. besides, who is your 2nd righthanded outfield bat? ryan or barden? sheesh.

also consider this: boyer is really no better than pj walters, or boggs or pretty much any reliever/starter that is right handed that is pitching in triple A. so, why trade barton for this guy? you got me. it’s not like we need anymore, there are already like 13 pitchers on this roster right? if you’re gonna trade for pitching, make it a starter for God’s sake.

I’m done for today; sigh.

who? what? where?

April 25, 2009

shady is back in the building! I’m just trying to be fashionably late people…if I still got people that read this blog: ok, I know I said I was gonna be back soon, but then I got side tracked with more work and then the research, so…

I think, I’m back for real now and I couldn’t have picked a better time. the cardinals lead the division and have already collected 13 wins.

great to see albert and ludwick out to such good starts. with albert, it was expected, but for ludwick, I had my doubts there. especially after the horrendous spring he had.

when it comes to the roster, I think tony doesn’t want me to be happy. I was happy when colby made the team, but then perez didn’ make it. now, motte and perez have both blown a save a peice, and franklin looks the the default closer…how are they ever going to be good closers if they don’t get thrown right back into the same situation the second time around? all veterans were once rookies, but somebody gave them playing time and in intense situations. that’s the only way you can find out whether they’ll be any good.

oh, carpenter won’t be back until the all star break (afterwards), just so you know. glaus probably won’t be back until august if that. let’s just hope the kids can do a decent job.

a player that has been great so far is brian barden. the guy has hit so far, and for the most part, has been great defensively at 3rd. he might possibly be an everyday supersub the cards need at 3rd if/when glaus is back.

let’s go cards, sweep those cubbies!


March 23, 2009

So, I am almost back to blogging…just give me until Wednesday night. Then, I’ll post my UCB roundtable question and answers from my fellow bloggers; come back in a couple of days for some new material!

Spring Hiatus

March 5, 2009

so, you might have noticed I haven’t done much blogging recently. not even close to the stuff I post every  spring, like analyzing the cards lineup and looking at the competition in the nl central. it’s a really huge bummer for me, but I’ve been swamped with real life right now and I’d like to say that grad school is no joke; I’m experiencing it first hand. I just wanted to let anyone who is still checking the blog know that I won’t be doing much blogging until late march, right before the season starts. I should be back posting my bs around march 20th or so. that’s all I got; enjoy spring training and let’s hope no one gets hurt between now and late march!